Who We Are

TheIWLA is a dynamic, diverse and dedicated community of women, each aspiring to rise to her greatest level of potential while encouraging others to do the same. TheIWLA community represents today’s women as we acknowledge and validate their accomplishments, as we inspire them to do more, to have more and to BE more and to play their role in the creation of a stronger, healthier, more prosperous tomorrow.

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What We Do

TheIWLA provides reliable resources and valuable benefits keeping women informed, inspired and motivated. The creation of our proprietary platform leads by example as we collaborate with individuals, groups and organizations to foster relationships that advocate for today’s women and girls toward a tomorrow that will provide greater opportunity.

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Why We Do It

The time has come for women to be recognized for the contribution they have always been in the world and to provide a platform from which every woman can find her voice as well as her audience or the market that can benefit by what it is she has to say. We do it because the world needs it! We do it because women deserve it!

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Inspirational Woman Magazine

Choice Issue 2016

Inspirational Woman Magazine (IWM) speaks to the needs, thoughts, experiences, and perspectives of women from around the world through the eyes of others from around the world.

IWM is thematic and published bi-monthly.

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